Why Holcim Belgium recommends Maturix

Holcim Belgiumuses Maturix Concrete Monitoring for its Precast Clients​

Concrete Monitoring with wireless sensors can enhance productivity, ensure safety and reduce waste due to slippage in precast factories. We met Geert de Mets, Product & Technical Support Engineer from Holcim Belgium to talk about his experience with Maturix.

The Maturix Precast solution provides precast clients with an end-to-end tool for concrete strength monitoring.
By using thermocouples that are cast directly in the structure and connected to a transmitter, the temperature inside the concrete is measured continuously. The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software automatically calculates maturity and strength based on the history data and the concrete mix and the strength development process can be followed. The data is accessible from any device via the web portal or app and a dashboard can be set up in the production halls to provide real-time insights into the actual curing status inside the elements.