Orbit K Vs. Gaia 200

Orbit K Gaia 200

Concrete temperature and strength monitoring

With the launch of our fully redesigned transmitter series called Gaia, we also introduced a new transmitter for temperature and strength monitoring.

What did we change and what remains the same?

Both transmitters – the Orbit K and the Gaia 200 –  are very similar: They both measure and monitor temperature externally using a type K thermocouple. Both devices transmit the data wirelessly using the IoT network Sigfox. The LPWAN (low power wide area network) convinces transmitting data over long distances with low battery consumption. The data is then accessible through the web platform from any device in real-time.

The Orbit K is the sensor series from 2016 which, for using it on-site, is placed in a tough box to protect the electronics and make it ready for the rough environment.
The redesigned Gaia series itself, however, has been designed for extreme durability. With the resistant cover and rubber frame, it is dust resistant and waterproof (IP 64).

The Orbit K transmits the data every 10 minutes to the cloud, whereas the Gaia 200 has a transmission interval of 15 minutes to reduce the energy consumption while keeping updated about all relevant temperature and strength developments.
The Orbit K is equipped with integrated long-life batteries. However, after the battery runs out, it has to be sent back to us for exchange to ensure the tough box remains intact.
The Gaia series now has a hidden compartment in the back and enables easy exchange of the standard AA batteries by the user. This extends the lifetime of the sensor and cuts out the time waiting for the replacement.

Both devices run in the same software versions for Maturix in-situ or Maturix precast and the data is accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Overall, we are happy to introduce the Gaia series into the market with great improvements so that we can continuously provide the best concrete monitoring solution to our customers!
The improvement of the hardware and the launch of the new series is followed by constant improvements on the software side, to ensure we offer a great product.

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