That was Sigfox Connect 2019

Rasmus, Alina and Eva joined the yearly meeting of the IoT ecosystem of Sigfox, our IoT network provider. Together with more than 1400 attendees, 103 exhibitors and 59 speakers we joined Sigfox Connect in Singapore.
During the event, the CEO and Co-founder Ludovic Le Moan announced several new extensions regarding enhancements to the Sigfox IoT service offers: Geolocation, private area networks, and travel industry asset tracking.

The two day fair was an inspiration and opened up new relationships to partners, Sigfox operators, customers and was a great platform to exchange ideas and insights. We further got the chance to present use cases of Maturix for smart concrete monitoring and talk about the success story with Kryton as an example for “Best of Monitoring” on stage.
Last year in Berlin we on the Best Global Star award. This year the amazing FoxTech team won –  Congratulations Yadia and Sonic!

We already look forward to the next Sigfox Connect, as it is a unique opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, operators and like-minded people from all over the world in one place with the common goal to make business smarter.


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