Contiga saves 40% energy for hollow-core production

Contiga uses Maturix to reduce the heating costs

Today, precasters are faced with multiple challenges in terms of digitalization, sustainability, high energy prices, and delivering increased earnings. Now, this has become easier to address using Maturix and the heat control we have developed. We call this Heat Insight. By combining Maturix and the Heat Insight feature, we have successfully reduced the energy per kWh/ton of concrete delivered by 40% compared to before installation by decreasing waste and optimizing energy consumption for hollow-core production.

Heat Insight is a new feature within Maturix Precast. Today most PLC’s that manage the heating can be remotely controlled and thereby integrated into Maturix Precast. The live data from the concrete can proactively be used to control the heat in the production beds, so only the necessary amount of heat is applied, eliminating all excess heating waste. 

Heat Insight is composed of several features to optimize heat consumption and increase productivity while ensuring optimal curing conditions for product quality.

If you want to find out more, you can read the full case study here.