bridge being built

Draakplaats Bridge

The historic masonry and concrete bridge at Draakplaats is being renovated in the middle of Antwerp, Belgium. The bridge exists out of two parts. One part is masonry and was built in 1895. The second part is concrete and was built against this first part to extend the railroad from two to four tracks. 

The masonry part was still structurally in good shape and needed only aesthetic renovation. The concrete part however was structurally damaged and had to be broken down and rebuilt from zero.

Infrabel chose Besix  for restoring the five arches of this historical bridge. The project contains 2.600 m³ concrete, poured in four casts for each of the five arches. Each arch is 18m wide and 8 meters high. The bridge is part of the main transport hub to and from the port of Antwerp and is therefore part of the busiest freight train lines of Belgium with busses and trams as well.

Besix uses four Maturix devices to monitor the temperature, maturity, and strength development inside the structures. With monitoring the curing of each arch, they could optimize the formwork removal time based on real-time data.