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Maturix In-situ software

Web portal for concrete monitoring for on-site casting

Maturix In-situ software provides a clear overview of all relevant parameters of the concrete curing process for any construction project on-site. Get all relevant data in real time with easy documentation and no need to be on-site. Monitor the curing process with  Gaia 200  and access all data from your smartphone or computer in the Maturix In-Situ web portal.

Maturix In situ Software mockup.
System Overview Strength And Maturity Monitoring

Intuitive and easy to use software

The intuitive and easy-to-use software provides insights into all relevant parameters of concrete curing: Follow the concrete temperature, maturity and strength development in real-time.

Based on Concrete Maturity, the software automatically calculates the concrete strength development based on the sensor’s temperature history and maturity data.

All data is stored in the cloud, and the customised reports can be shared, exported and downloaded easily.

Access the data anytime from anywhere

Easly adjust and share the data

The web platform is structured based on projects for flexible usage for all construction projects. You can add an unlimited number of users and projects to the software.

The software allows collaboration with other organisations across projects, and different user roles make it possible to determine whether people can view and/or edit. Thus, insights and knowledge can be easily shared with concrete technologists, the concrete lab, GCs, concrete suppliers, the end client or authorities.

Easy reporting and export of data

All data is always accessible in the cloud. When you finish monitoring, reports will be created automatically.
You can share, download, or export the data and customize the reports based on your needs. Maturix’s quality control and digital documentation are automated and accessible from anywhere.

Access to API

Maturix In-situ offers the possibility to request access to an API (for a fee). This will allow you to fetch data from your projects and casts. The API is usable to anyone who wishes to integrate In-situ data directly into their business applications. The data will be returned as JSON.

Free software trial

Try In-situ for 14 days free of charge

You now have the chance to try our In-situ software with real-time data for 14 days free of charge.

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