Maturix Precast software

Web portal for concrete monitoring in precast productions

Maturix precast software provides in-depth insights into the curing process of each monitored precast element. Set up a production facility in the software and follow all relevant parameters of the concrete curing process dedicated to using a precast factory. Monitor the curing process with Gaia 200 and add an Orbit 3 for ambient climate monitoring – All data is shown in the Maturix Precast software.

Maturix Precast Software

Optimize your production cycles

The intuitive and easy-to-use software provides insights into all relevant parameters of concrete curing: Follow the concrete temperaturematurity and strength development in real-time.

 Based on Concrete Maturity, the software automatically calculates the concrete strength development based on the sensor’s temperature history and maturity data.

 Use a climate sensor to monitor the ambient climate in your production hall and optimise further.

Adjust cycles and demoulding time based on the strength data from the monitoring to boost productivity while ensuring excellent product quality, reducing the risk of slippage, and cutting waste.

Access the data anytime from anywhere

Assure product quality and analyse for further improvements

Aligning the demoulding time with real-time data ensures that the required strength has been reached before the elements are lifted. This provides excellent product quality and drastically reduces waste.

 All the data is stored in the cloud and can be easily saved, shared, or downloaded. The program’s extensive statistics enable improvements in heating, concrete mixes, and overall production performance.

 Increase your production capacity by up to 15% while ensuring the targets are reached with Maturix.

Easy documentation and reporting

Dashboard view for easy overview

Follow the production process in the dashboard view and keep an overview of all your lanes, elements and casts. Set up a screen in the production halls to easily share the status with the production workers for better communication and scheduling. Know exactly how far each element is in the curing process and plan the workflow according to the estimated time when the target is reached.

Watch the interview with Holcim Belgium

Holcim Belgium recommends Maturix Concrete Sensors for real-time concrete monitoring to its precast clients.

Why choose Maturix?

It is the most cost-efficient and advanced concrete monitoring solution for precast

Gain insights into the curing status

The solution provides real-time insights into the concrete curing process. Use data to adjust your schedule and optimise the workflow.

Boost productivity

Shorten the cycles of precast elements based on data monitored directly in the elements. Cut down redundant waiting time while reducing the risk of slippage.

Automatic documentation

All data is stored in the cloud for easy access and documentation. Reports and statistics enable further optimisation of cycles, heating and concrete mixes.

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