Software Updates – Maturix Precast

Last update: 03/11/2021
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In this article you can see all the latest updates and changes for Maturix Precast.

June 2020

Auto-adjust start time on reports

We have observed the behavior of some of our customers – and see that some start all of their productions in the morning and then insert the cable once the concrete has been poured. Now reports automatically adjust the start time to the first data point received from the sensor.

May 2020

Edit concrete mixes

You can now update your concrete mixes and maturity calibrations. You can add additional data points or edit the existing. You can also change the target strength or concrete mix name. Once you save an update to a concrete mix, the system will create it as a new version and this will used for all future monitorings. Previous quality reports are not infected by the changes.

Signal and battery indicator

We have added a signal strength and a battery status indicator under Sensors. The signal indication is based on the signal strength from the latest message received. The “consider battery service” icon shows when the device has sent more than 20.000 transmissions.

April 2020

French language

Maturix Precast is now available in French! You can change the language by going to Settings and adjusting the language

March 2020

Update device name

Give each of your devices a custom name instead of only using the 6-digit serial number. Simply go to Sensors and click on the icon next to the Sensor ID.