E39 Highway as part of Eurostar project

Construction of E39 a Norwegian highway project.

Bringing production control from a precast factory to on-site casting under the toughest conditions possible

Together with the Norwegian contractor Kruse Smith, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) we were part of the Eurostar Consense Project.
The Eurostar project helped speed up the improvement of the Maturix hard- and software with a total budget of 750.000 EUR.

In 2019 the Maturix wireless concrete sensors have been mainly used to monitor precast elements to determine the strength development and ensure effective production. But while the precast industry is a major part of modern construction, the comfort of indoor production is far from possible when building the infrastructure of tomorrow’s world.

The ongoing Norwegian E39 infrastructure project along the Norwegian coast is replacing multiple ferries and shortening the traveling time connecting the South of Norway with the North in 13 instead of 21 hours – and Kruse-Smith has been challenged with completing 19 km of the stretch. This involves constructing 12 bridges and 3 tunnels during 3 years of warm summers and cold winters.

“A project of this magnitude and complexity provides the perfect opportunity to face all the challenges involved in on-site construction. Everything from ensuring that we provide the correct data to the right people on the project to modifying the hardware to be able to survive all year round in the tough conditions of a job site” says Tobias Ejersbo, CTO at Sensohive. Through close collaboration, Maturix has been tested, tried, and proven worthy to bring digitalization to yet another keystone of the construction industry – concrete monitoring.

The rough landscape with its fjords, mountains, and the fast-changing and extreme weather conditions on-site are challenging for the concrete works and real-time insight into the exact curing progress in the in-place structure enables Kruse-Smith to optimize their workflows and cut down redundant curing time.

Relevance of ConSense

“Being part of projects like ConSense is key in terms of our strategy of developing new solutions that are tailored for the construction industry and that can be deployed with ease. Working with visionary contractors like Kruse Smith is very beneficial for us as a relatively young company as we gain lots of insights and experience that we will benefit enormously from in our future projects. We are really happy about the cooperation with all parties involved and we are even more proud of the results that we have achieved together. And even though the project is finished the collaboration continues”

Tobias Ejersbo
Tobias EjersboCTO & Co-Founder
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