Growing Network With Chryso

Chryso and Sensohive Team

We are happy to announce our new international partner Chryso.
Chryso is an admixture specialist based in France with a great network around the world. Together we aim to improve the construction industry through smart solutions. Aligning with their slogan Innovation is our chemistry we look forward to a great collaboration with the aim to give the construction industry a boost.

Chryso has presence in more than 100 countries with 1.250 employees worldwide. The group holds 22 subsidiaries, runs 32 manufactoring facilities and 26 applicative labs. The company is lead by the vision of innovation and has five Research and Development centers.

Chryso follows the goal to facilitate and improve cement and concrete performance to boost overall performance, production, workability and sustainability. With 15% of staff working in for research and development, innovation is truly a focus of the company.

The common emphasis on innovation and boost of efficiency is one reason for the close partnership. As their technologies are used on the most prestigious and challenging construction projects around the world, we gain a strong partner with years of experience in the construction industry to boost efficiency with a smart solution providing insights into the curing process of concrete.

The French company joins our partner network and by offering local support, it helps us to provide better service to clients around the world.

Read more about the partnership from Chryso.

About Chryso

Chryso was founded in 1942 and its headquarter is based in Issy-les-Moulineaux , France. Along with their vision Innovation is our chemistry, Chryso specialises in innovative additives and admixtures for the construction industry. The company now has 1250 employees and is present in more than 100 countries worldwide and is one of our close partners.



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