Maturix wins award: Most Innovative Product 2020

Maturix has been named the Most Innovative Product of 2020 by Hanley Wood. The MIP award is part of the annual World of Concrete trade fair. We joined the fair this year in Las Vegas together with Kryton International Inc. to also launch Maturix for the North American market.

Maturix was chosen as the top product within the category of Business Tools & Technology by a panel of industry experts. The smart sensor solution stood out with its innovativeness and the use of new technology adding value for the industry.

Tobias from Maturix

The MIP Award is a great honour for us and an awesome welcome gift to Maturix! At the World of Concrete we launched our solution together with our partner and investor Kryton for the North American market. Among many other innovative companies we are awarded as the most innovative products in a category by experts - that makes us proud and we are looking forward to the international future!

The award is a great recognition and follows our recent growth: The innovative concrete monitoring solution has now been used in more than 365 projects in 2019 in more than 25 countries worldwide is adding value to many projects such as high-rise buildings, bridges and infrastructure projects and has helped general contractors, precast factories, ad-mix suppliers and many more to work faster, safer and more efficient.

Kryton joined as our investor last year and is now reselling Maturix in Canada, USA and Mexico. Our international partner network is constantly growing as our latest partner reselling Maturix in 8 countries around the globe.  

world map - projects
Current Maturix in-situ projects around the world
Kevin Yuers

What is really exciting about this technology is that the sensors are reusable. Unlike single-use sensors that are cast into concrete, Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors can be used over and over for multiple castings and projects. Not only does this significantly reduce cost, but it’s also a much greener and more sustainable use of materials.

The annual World of Concrete trade fair is one of the most influential trade shows for the concrete industry in North America. We joined the WoC in Las Vegas in February where we showcased Maturix together with our partner and investor Kryton. The fair was also the official launch of Maturix for the North American market. Kryton is now our official reseller for Canada, USA, and Mexico and we are proud to be recognized with the MIP award after the great teamwork at the trade show.