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Last update: 09/05/2022
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In the December update of In-situ, we added the possibility to request access to an API for a fee (contact us for more information about prices). This will give you the possibility to fetch data from your projects and casts. The API is usable to anyone who wishes to integrate with data from In-situ directly into their own business applications. The data will be returned as JSON. 

In this short article, we are going to explain the steps that you need to go through to use your API to access the data. 

Process steps

Prerequisites: Ensure that Maturix has allowed your organization to use the public API. By default, Organizations are not allowed to use an API unless they have a specific agreement with us.

  1. Ensure the user has sufficient Organisation Permissions to access and setup API Keys (Admin Required)
  2. Add API Key
  3. Select API Key Type (Specific or All Projects)
  4. Use your favourite API Platform / Code for testing your newly generated API key
  5. Send a request to the API, using one of the following endpoints:

a. Use your newly generated API within the body of the request. Raw it could look like this:


     “token”: “5096c576-cef2-4a0d-85d8-dcb7384d6432″


b. Main url for the api:











c. The data endpoint allow the use of options, which are also specified within the request body, just like the API Key. For now the endpoint allow these options:




“celcius”, “fahrenheit”


“mpa”, “npermmsq”, “psi”, “kgpercmsq” 

Further Questions

If after reading this article, you still have questions contact us for support.

Contact Support

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