Best practices when monitoring your precast production

Last update: 03/11/2021
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Monitoring your production:

  • Create all productions ready for monitoring in the production plan the day before or at the start of each day
  • Secure the thermocouple within the element with cable ties, plastic strips, or similar
  • Create an internal instruction to ensure correct positioning of the thermocouple every time
  • Determine a specific place for storing the transmitters, thermocouples, and cable ties
  • Make procedures to ensure that thermocouples and cable ties are always available
  • Do precautions to indicate when a transmitter is monitoring
  • Share the results and learnings with the rest of the company in order to continue improving your production processes
  • Choose at least one person who will be responsible for each production hall. This will help the adoption rate and the benefits provided by Maturix™ will materialize faster