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Last update: 29/11/2021
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This article shared installation instructions for the type K thermocouples for on-site installation.

Before installation

Determine the positions of the thermocouples and the transmitters. Note down which transmitter you will use for which monitoring position

Installation on rebars

  1. Determine the positions for the thermocouples in the structure before pouring.
  2. Install and secure the thermocouples properly at the predetermined positions in the structure before concrete placement.
    • Secure the thermocouples using plastic cable ties or strong tape so they stay in place during concreting operations.
      • Do not use metal rebar ties or alike as they might cause damage to the thermocouples.
  3. Connect each thermocouple to a transmitter.
    • Ensure that you insert the thermocouple plug correctly into the transmitter socket.
    • When the thermocouple is connected, the LED on the transmitter will start lighting up and flashing, indicating that data is being transmitted.
    • Ensure you know which transmitter is used to monitor which position in the structure.
  4. Mount/place the transmitters at a secure location.
    • Reassure that the thermocouples are well-positioned and well-fastened, so they will stay in place and not get disconnected during concreting operations.
    • Do not place the transmitters in direct sunlight.
  5. Check that data is being received in the Maturix Web Portal
    • Open the project and check the status of the transmitters under Devices
    • When the thermocouple is connected, the status of the transmitters should update within a few minutes.
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