Installation of thermocouples

Last update: 12/07/2021
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This article shared installation instructions for the type K thermocouples.

Example 1: Installation on rebar (wet cast concrete)

  1. Determine the positions for the thermocouples in the structure before pouring.
  2. Secure the thermocouples to the rebars using plastic cable ties or strong tape.
    • Fasten them along the bottom of the reinforcement to shelter them from direct
      impact during pouring. Note: The sensor is situated at the tip of the cable.
    • Connect each thermocouple to a transmitter.
  3. Mount the transmitters at a secure location.
Do not use metal ties or alike as they may damage the thermocouples.
Consider good cable management practices, e.g. marking each thermocouple with a label. This will make it easier to remember where each thermocouple is positioned in the structure and assist when assigning each thermocouple to a transmitter in the web portal.

Example 2: Installation in hollow-core slabs (dry concrete)

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