The new Gaia 300
- and our Buy-Back Program

Upgrade from Gaia 200 to Gaia 300 seamlessly with our Responsible Buy-Back Program. Simplify your transition and join us in making a sustainable choice. Contact us to learn more.


Gaia 300

Wireless transmitter for Maturix Temperature and Strength Monitoring

Gaia 300, the latest in our transmitter series, is dedicated to wireless concrete temperature and strength monitoring. It introduces innovative features, including integrated Bluetooth® capability, internal memory backup, and three Type K thermocouple channels.

For more details on the Gaia 300, check out the product page here.

Upgrade responsibly with our Buy Back Program

We continuously develop our platform with a sustainable mindset, offering our existing and loyal customers an opportunity to experience the new Gaia 300, while we can refurbish and recycle your old Gaia 200 in a responsible and sustainable way.

In short, we will buy back your Gaia 200 when you upgrade to our new Gaia 300 – resulting in a discount of €280/ £240/ 2080 DKK on your new Gaia 300 purchase!* This exclusive offer is our way of saying thank you to our valued customers by giving you an attractive way to enjoy the new Gaia 300.

Contact us or leave your details, and we’ll call you to share more about swapping your Gaia 200 for a Gaia 300 through our Buy-Back Program.

* Terms and Conditions apply as listed below.

  • Maturix ApS offers a €280/£240/2080DKK discount on the list price of the Gaia 300, when the customer swaps an existing Gaia 200 in as a part of the purchasing process.
  • The Gaia 200 used for swapping must have originally been purchased directly from Maturix ApS.
  • Only 1 Gaia 200 can be swapped in per Gaia 300 purchased
  • The discount cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.
  • The existing subscription and service plan on the swapped Gaia 200 will be transferred to the new Gaia 300 at no cost to the customer
  • The new Gaia 300 devices will be sent to the customer upon entering into the agreement. Once received, the customer has 2 weeks to return the Gaia 200 devices with the corresponding IDs including a copy of the Agreement to an address specified by Maturix ApS
  • Shipping costs to return the devices to the address specified by Maturix ApS will be paid by the customer.
  • If the Gaia 200 devices are not returned to Maturix ApS, the Customer will be invoiced the full price of the Gaia 300 devices due to breach of contract.
  • This Agreement represents the entire understanding between Maturix ApS and the Customer regarding the Gaia 300 Swap Agreement for the specified Device(s) and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral.

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