Healthcare building

Modernising the hospital area in Malmö, Sweden

Healthcare building in Malmö, Sweden.
Healthcare building in Malmö, Sweden.

“First question on Monday morning: ‘Is it okay to strike?’ – So the first thing I do is look in the Maturix system to see the status. It’s great that you can easily check it anytime from your phone and don’t even need to be on-site.”

John Carroll

General Supervisor, Skanska

The Swedish general contractor Skanska is building a new healthcare building in the hospital area in Malmö, Sweden for their client Region Skåne. The two tower building increases the hospital area with more than 100.000 square meters of space for operating rooms, care and intensive care. It is part of the redevelopment of the Skåne Region in the hospital area in Malmö and the opening for patients is planned for 2024.


The construction site of the new healthcare building is located inside the Malmö hospital area. The hospital is continuously in use also during the construction phase. The area will be extended by the additional building consisting of two towers, 10 and 11 stories which are interconnected with corridors and culverts.

For John Carroll, one of the supervisors at site, it is key to keep the overview of the construction with lot of casts, that he is responsible for. It is a large site with between 500 and 800 workers on site, depending on the phase.

Another challenge has been to cast concrete during low outside temperatures including frost. Skanska uses heating blankets and a diesel heating system to ensure the effective curing of the concrete during cold temperatures.

The construction of a healthcare building in Malmö, Sweden.

“Every time anybody asks you – Can you strike the formwork?  I can easily check it on the phone and have an answer within 20 seconds. I don’t have to run to the site and back to the office. Maturix provides a very efficient use and makes our life lot easier!” – John Carroll, General Supervisor, Skanska

Key Challenges


The Maturix solution provides John and his team with a tool for real-time concrete temperature and strength monitoring.

By monitoring the temperature inside the concrete structure using thermocouples and a wireless transmitter, the data is sent wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software automatically calculates maturity and strength based on the history data, and the concrete mix. Thus, the strength development process can be monitored. The data is accessible in real-time from any device via the web portal. It provides John and his team with live insights into the actual curing status inside the structure – with multiple monitoring positions for each cast.

Among other structures, Skanska uses Maturix for monitoring slabs and walls to optimize the formwork removal time. Additionally, when they cast concrete in low outside temperatures, they monitor the concrete curing temperature. Skanska furthermore installed a diesel heater to ensure that the curing process is not negatively influenced. By using Maturix and continuously checking the temperature development, they ensure efficient curing. 

Thus, John Carroll, General Supervisor at Skanska always knows exactly how the concrete is curing and if he has to adjust his processes on-site according to data. With the smart solution, he has access to the data from anywhere using Maturix.

Key Benefits


With the help of Maturix, John can always check the curing process of the structures with his phone – and doesn’t need to be close to the element or need to wait for compression cubes to be tested.
This helps John and his team to keep the overview and schedule the works on-site based on real-time data from the in-place concrete structures.

Furthermore, the system alarms him when for example when the concrete structure is at risk of cracks and damages – which is especially important when casting with low outside temperatures in Winter. 

An additional benefit for Skanska is the automatic documentation and reporting in the software. 

With the combination of industry-standard thermocouples and a reusable wireless transmitter, the cost per monitoring is kept extremely low leading to a cost-efficient solution for an extensive project as the new Healthcare Building at the Malmö hospital area.

Key Results

Malmö healthcare building under construction.
Construction site.

“If you’re someone that’s out on-site a lot and you’re very much hands on the project, or the project is over a long distance, and you can’t be back at your desk in five minutes – Maturix is definitely the right choice!”

John Carroll

General Supervisor, Skanska

Malmö Healthcare Building

About Healthcare Building in Malmö

The new Healthcare Building in Malmö, Sweden will accomodate over 2,200 rooms and serve as a workplace for more than 2,000 people. It is an extension of the Malmö hospital area with additional space for operating rooms, care and intensive care.

About Skanska

Skanska is one of the largest Swedish construction companies with thousands of projects every year. They are part of the Skanska group with more than 30.000 employees with the mission to build for a better society and aim to be a leader in sustainable solutions, quality, safety and ethics.

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