Skanska uses Maturix for healthcare building in Malmö

The construction of a healthcare building in Malmö, Sweden.

Modernising the hospital area

The Swedish general contractor Skanska is building a new healthcare building in the hospital area in Malmö, Sweden for their client Region Skåne. The two tower building increases the hospital area with more than 100.000 square meters of space for operating rooms, care, and intensive care. It is part of the redevelopment of the Skåne Region in the hospital area in Malmö and the opening for patients is planned for 2024.

Watch the interview with John Carrol, General Supervisor at Skanska

The Maturix In-situ solution provides Skanska with an end-to-end tool for concrete strength monitoring.
By using thermocouples that are cast directly in the structure and connected to a transmitter, the temperature inside the concrete is measured continuously. The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software automatically calculates maturity and strength based on the history data and the concrete mix and the strength development process can be followed. The data is accessible from any device via the web portal or app and provides Skanska with real-time insights into the actual curing status inside the structure in several positions for each cast.

Thus, John Caroll, general supervisor at Skanska, always knows exactly how the concrete is curing and if he has to adjust his project management on-site according to data. With the smart solution, he has access to the data from anywhere using Maturix.

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