Major Construction Player Partnering With Maturix

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New partnership and investment from Vancouver, Canada based Kryton International Inc. and Maturix. Strong positioning of Kryton International for smart concrete with investing in wireless IoT solutions.

The company behind the Maturix solution Sensohive Technologies has secured a large investment and partnership to enter the established North American market. Two years ago Sensohive has launched the first edition of the Maturix solution. A simple robust sensor- and software solution to monitor concrete maturity at precast concrete sites. A later module (January 2019) introduced the sensor solution for outdoor concrete monitoring (Maturix In-situ). 

“We are very excited to be partnering with a global brand like Kryton. Kryton has a long history of success and a well-earned reputation for quality and trust in the global construction industry. We value their substantial experience in bringing innovative and valuable technologies to the concrete construction market.”

Tobias and Casper on site
Tobias Ejersbo (left) and Casper Harlev (right) have together with Tim Larsen founded Sensohive Technologies ApS

The concrete curing process is today often documented using manual data loggers and data handling for reporting. This reactive method to monitor concrete creates long waiting times due to the high risk of failures in working with early age concrete soon after pouring. Wireless sensors enable data-driven decisions around concrete monitoring instead of relying on experience, when big safety margins are required.

“Sensohive’s Maturix® technology represents a significant leap forward in construction efficiency and productivity. The ability to monitor concrete strength in real-time from remote locations helps expedite faster construction programs, optimizing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving safety.”

The Maturix team is proud to welcome our new investor and global partner. The partnership will enable the Maturix solution to be used by contractors and precast sites across the globe. Several new products will be launched around the current Maturix platform to create value working with concrete – so stay tuned!


A big “Thank you”  goes to all current clients, early adaptors, supporters and ambassadors. We will do our best to live up to the trust you have given us and we are constantly working on awesome products using software and sensors to boost efficiency for the concrete industry.


All the best from the Maturix team


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