Our recap of the year​ 2020

Maturix Christmas

Most Innovative Product 2020 in Las Vegas

The world and business has changed in a way, no one did see coming. We are looking back on many ups and downs, but looking back, we can say, that we made the best out of it:

We visited the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in February – just a few weeks before Covid-19 hit Europe and the US. We had a great time meeting the international industry  – with around 54.000 visitors it now seems nearly outrageous! Together with our partner and investor Kryton , we presented Maturix to the North American market and we even won the MIP (Most Innovative Product Award 2020) by Expert’s Choice.

Making the best out of the situation: Working remotly

A few weeks later we had to close down our small office, and the whole team worked from home – except Mathias, our warehouse manager stood his ground. 

Luckily, this wasn’t such a big deal, as we were used to working and communicating online as usually there was always someone on the road, meeting a client, or visiting a trade show abroad. However, we were missing the great atmosphere in the office, the small talk, the good laugh – but we made the best out of it, and with daily scheduled catch-ups we tried to keep up the good team work. Online games replaced the Friday Hygge from the office and Casper, our CEO, was kept busy with parental leave at the lock-down.

Growing Network: New International Partners

With not being able to travel, we started using webinars and focussed even more on online meetings to still offer a great customer experience also in difficult times. We also could close several new international partnerships this year: Chryso is our distributor for France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Philippines, and the UK.
ITT Ingeniería joined from Colombia, CCL International for UK and Ireland, and Sigfox Russia is our distributor in Russia to enable local support for our international customers.

Over 860 in-situ projects all over the world

We are looking back to a year where Maturix has boosted efficiency on numerous construction projects: From precast factories in DenmarkPoland, South Africa and Iceland, a Norwegian Highway project replacing seven ferries, and the tallest high-rise building in Scandinavia.

Other projects where Maturix has been used:

  • Precast production for an offshore wind farm
  • Hotel extension in Oslo
  • Tramway and Metro project in Denmark
  • Bridge in Dubai
  • Dam project in Spain 
  • Bridge renovation in Belgium
  • and many more!

Keeping up the good mood in a great team

Over the autumn, we hired two developers and a design assistant, who have already been a great addition to our team working on the mission “to make Maturix more awesome”
Despite the challenging Covid-19 situation, we enjoyed the teamwork in the office even more: With a new espresso machine grinding the beans freshly, the motivation is boosted also in the early morning.
With an adapted Julefrokost (Danish Christmas Party) in our office and initiatives to redesign our office, we grew together as a team and are happy to have our new colleagues on board!

Team Sensohive

Looking ahead: 2021

All the struggles, missed meetings and canceled travels – we are now looking forward to another great year:
We are launching our new humidity solution in Q3 of 2021 and a new transmitter series and have several great projects in the pipeline. Digitalizing the construction industry with wireless sensors for a faster, safer, and more efficient concreting is still our goal and with our growing team and widespread skills, we are optimistic to reach our high aimed goal to make the best products to boost efficiency in the construction industry.
We can not change everything – but we can make our greatest efforts to work on an awesome product, with durable hardware, intuitive software, and a growing product portfolio.

Concrete Humidity - Gaia 220

We Wish You Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Great New Year 2021!