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Last update: 21/03/2023
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Sigfox is the world’s largest IoT Network and covers 1.3 billion people across +70 countries.

The coverage map at is not that useful for checking the coverage at a job site. A better estimation can be provided by one of the following methods:

1. Check the coverage in Maturix In-situ

You must enter the project location when creating a new project in Maturix In-situ. Once you have inserted an address or the GPS-coordinates of your job site, a coverage estimation is shown below the map:

In the example above, the outdoor coverage is expected to be good, the indoor is expected to be average, and below ground level there are no coverage.

The coverage estimation is a theoretical coverage based on the specific project location.

What does outdoor, indoor and below ground level mean?

  • Outdoor: 1.5m above ground without interference from structures etc.
  • Indoor: Inside buildings, close to the exterior wall.
  • Below ground level: Under terrain, inside structures far from windows

It is always possible to improve the coverage by using a Sigfox Gateway.

2. Check the coverage using coverage maps from Sigfox operators

Some of the Sigfox operators offer a tool for estimating the coverage at a specific address. Here are some examples:

3. Field tests using a Maturix transmitter

The last method is simply to test the coverage by placing a Maturix transmitter at the specific location on-site where you will be doing the monitoring. In the Maturix® Web Portals, you can see the signal strength under “Devices” or “Sensors”.

Please note when the last reading has been received and the status has been updated.