How to add concrete mixes (maturity calibrations)

Last update: 13/04/2021
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For Maturix to be able to predict the concrete strength you must add data about your concrete mixes (maturity calibrations). The correlation between strength and maturity, as well as the target strength (e.g. the target strength required for demolding), must be entered under Concrete Mixes in the web portal.

Add a concrete mix

  1. Click on Concrete Mixes in the menu
  2. Click on New concrete mix in the top-right corner
  3. Fill out the pop-up box:
    • Maturity Function: Choose the maturity function
      • For Nurse-Saul enter the Datum Temperature
      • For Dutch Weighted Maturity select A-value and C-value
    • Concrete mix name: Enter the name of the concrete mix
    • Data point: Add your data points by entering the strength-maturity relationship for each data point and click on Add to dataset
    • Target strength: The default target value
    • Final strength: 28-day strength (added to the report)
  4. Evaluate the calibration curve and double-check the information entered
  5. Click on Save – and you have now added the concrete mix

By entering the concrete mix’s calibration data into the web portal, Maturix™ is able to predict the in-place concrete strength in real-time.