How to start and stop monitorings

Last update: 01/12/2021
Version:Maturix In-situ
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In this article, you will learn how you can start and stop monitorings. In the video below, we explain to you how to start a monitoring. To learn how to stop it and finish the cast report read the instructions below the video.

Start a monitoring

  1. Click on “Casts” in the menu
  2. Find the monitoring you want to start and click on “Start monitoring
  3. Choose the correct device from the dropdown (or make sure that the already selected device is the correct one)
  4. Click on “Start

Do the above steps for all the monitorings you want to start.

Stop a monitoring

  1. Click on “Casts” in the menu
  2. Find the monitoring you want to stop and click on “Stop monitoring”
  3. Confirm by clicking on “Stop monitoring” in the pop-up box

Do the above steps for every monitoring you want to stop.

Finish cast report

Once all the monitorings on a cast have been stopped, you can finish the cast report.

  1. Click on “Casts” in the menu
  2. Find the cast you want to finish and open it by clicking on its name
  3. Click on “Finish cast report” in the top
  4. Confirm by clicking on “Finish cast” in the pop-up box

Before you finish the cast report, make sure that you have done the needed edits using the Data Editor.

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