Maturix QuickScan

Last update: 29/09/2022
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The solution

Maturix QuickScan allows any user to scan a QR-code specific to the device – and get instant validation on if the device is within coverage or not. 

The QR code can be generated inside Maturix Insitu – or delivered with the device on a separate tag which can be scanned by the installer.

This will reduce fails and increase the ease of installation on jobsites. 

Steps for scanning the device

1. Check that the device LED is not blue. If it is, wait until it is turned off.

2. Scan the tag using your camera app / QR-scanner app and open the link

3. See the status currently seen by Maturix®

The QR-tag will contain a URL, which can be opened in the browser on the device. 

On iPhones, a QR scanner is build into the camera app – and it is generally considered possible for users to be able to scan a QR code.

QuickScan statuses

The device is connected to a cable and sent data to Maturix within the last 15 minutes.
Check cable

No cable is connected, but Maturix received data from the device within
the last 6 hours.

Check cable or connectivity

The device is not within coverage. Move the device to higher ground or
install the base station.