Orbit K – Troubleshooting

Last update: 11/04/2024
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There is water inside my box. Is it OK?

The Orbit K tough box has two compartments, a large one with the electronics and a small one with the connector. Water is allowed to penetrate the small compartment, as this is not sealed. The large compartment is sealed and water inside this can interfere with operation.

If you experience water ingress, contact support.

“Consider Battery service” Icon

If you see the icon above in your Device List it means that the device has sent more than 20.000 transmissions. This is when we advise that you send the devices to your reseller or to us for a full service and diagnostic* of it. Sending back the device is necessary because there is a risk of damage to other parts when opening it to change the batteries. 

Contact us or your reseller to coordinate the refurbishment and battery service of your device. Or if you need to send it back to us, read about the shipment options that you have.

If you would like to have the ability to change the batteries yourself, you can consider swapping your Orbit K for a Gaia 200. Click here to get a quote for this.

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