Finish monitoring

Last update: 28/04/2020
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When you are done monitoring you should stop the monitorings, finish the cast report and remove the equipment from the site.

Stop the monitorings and finish the cast report

Remember to use the Data Editor to trim the start/stop time before you finish the cast report.

Remove the equipment

  1. Disconnect the thermocouples from the transmitters
  2. Cut the thermocouples close to the surface of the concrete and discard/recycle the leftover
  3. Clean the transmitters and place them back into the carry case
  4. Ensure that there are no visible damages, loose parts, water inside the compartment with the device, or other errors that could affect the operation next time

Remove the devices from the project

This part is only relevant for organization users (Admin/Project Manager).
If you don’t have an organization, but have been invited to a project, skip this step.

If you are completely done with the monitoring on this project – and are managing devices across several projects – remove the devices from the project so they become available for use at other projects.