Get to know the hardware

Last update: 11/04/2024
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In this guide, we will introduce you to the Maturix hardware.

Transmitter (Send data to the software)

The transmitter is used to send the concrete temperature to the web portal, which is measured by the thermocouple. The data is sent wirelessly using the Sigfox network.

A transmitter consists of an Orbit K placed inside a tough box. Once the thermocouple is connected to the transmitter it will start measuring the temperature (at the tip of the thermocouple) and sending data regularly.

Waterproof tough box

The tough box has been designed to be durable, easy to spot (with its bright yellow colour), and with a waterproof compartment that keeps the device safe from water.

Connector for thermocouple

In the bottom of the tough box is a connector for a type K thermocouple. The connector has a wide and a narrow hole (like the thermocouple plug has a wide and a narrow pin) ensuring that it only can be turned the correct way.

Once a thermocouple is connected to the transmitter it will start sending data.

Device ID

Every transmitter has a unique serial number (six digits/letters) known as the Device ID.

The Device ID is visible on the label placed on the front of the device and is used to identify the correct transmitter when monitoring.


The transmitter has a LED that lights up and flashes depending on the following actions:

  • Temperature is being measured: LED lights constantly (~ 6 sec)
  • Data is being sent: LED flashes (~ 9 sec)
  • Thermocouple is inserted into connector: LED lights constantly (~ 6 sec) and flashes
  • Device is downlinking: LED lights constantly (up to 40 sec)
  • Accelerometer is registering taps: LED blinks for every tap


The transmitter has a built-in accelerometer, which is activated when a thermocouple is registered as connected to the transmitter. The transmitter can then be tapped with the fingers to activate the following actions:

  • Two taps: Temperature is being measured and sent
  • Four taps: Device is downlinking

The accelerometer can be deactivated by contacting support, e.g. if the transmitters are used in environments with strong vibrations that causes more frequent transmissions. 


The transmitter is equipped with non-rechargeable and non-replaceable lithium batteries that last for at least 8 months (at constant use 24/7).

The transmitter will by default be in sleep mode when no thermocouple is connected, significantly saving battery life.

Contact support for replacement pricing in case your device has run out of battery.


There are different mounting options available (carabiner, hook and cable tie holes), which makes it easy to mount the transmitter close to the place of monitoring.

The transmitters should not be stored or used in direct sunlight.

Thermocouple (Measure concrete temperature)

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor. The temperature is measured at the tip of the cable.

The transmitter must be used with a type K thermocouple, which is the most common type of thermocouple. It can only be connected one way into the transmitter since the connector has a wide and a narrow pin.

Maturix offers high-quality thermocouples (type K, Class 1) intended for single-use, which provides a high amount of convenience. Contact sales for pricing and ordering.