How to update a concrete mix (maturity calibration)

Last update: 05/10/2021
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When you update a concrete mix (add a new data point, edit a data point, or change a parameter), this new maturity calibration will be used for all future casts – including casts with monitorings that have not yet been started.

Running or finished casts will use the original maturity calibration. If you want to use the new version for the strength estimation, see the section “Change concrete mix on a cast” below.

Update a concrete mix

The Concrete Database can only be accessed by Administrators and Project Managers. If you are a project user, go to “Concrete Mixes” instead.
  1. Click on Concrete Database
  2. Find the concrete mix you want to edit and click on Details
  3. In the bottom of the pop-up, click on Update
  4. Do your changes and click on Save changes

The date in the column “Last verified” will then be updated.

Change concrete mix on a cast

If you recently updated a concrete mix, and would like to use the newest version on a running or finished cast, you need to change the concrete mix assigned to the cast.

  1. Click on Casts
  2. Find the cast you want to update/change and click on Edit
  3. In the pop-up under Concrete Mix, choose the concrete mix you want to use
  4. Click on Save changes
  5. Open the report and click on the Last Updated button in the top right corner

As mentioned initially, casts without any monitorings started will automatically use the latest version of the concrete mix chosen.