Last update: 13/04/2021
Version:Maturix In-situ

Install the Sigfox gateway

If you don’t have a Sigfox gateway due to excellent coverage at the project location, skip this step.

The package with the Sigfox gateway includes a Quick Start Guide that explains the steps required to connect and start the gateway. Please read and follow this guide to correctly install the gateway.

The Sigfox gateway comes as a plug’n’play solution, but might need to be configured in some cases. For detailed installation recommendations and product specifications, please refer to the Sigfox gateway’s Product Manual. If you still have problems, check out the troubleshooting tips. All resources can be found at

When the LED on the gateway is a solid green, all is OK and the gateway is up and running.

Set up the project

This part is only relevant for organization users (Admin/Project Manager).
If you don’t have an organization, but have been invited to a project, skip this step.

To correctly set up a new project:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add devices to the project (required prior to use!)
  3. Add users to the project (required to receive alarms)
  4. Add maturity calibrations to the project (required for strength prediction)
Creating a project and adding devices to the project is required prior to use!

Set up casts and monitorings

Each transmitter needs to be appointed to a monitoring in the web portal. This way, the data from each transmitter will be easy to identify and assess both during and after the concrete monitoring.

It is good practice to plan and set up the casts and monitorings before installation.
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