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Maturix™ is our solution for real-time monitoring of the concrete curing process for precast factories. An article about the sensor solution was published in the latest edition of the CPI journal (6/2018).

The article explains how the sensor solution works, how it is set up and which benefits it brings along:

Several Orbit K sensors measure the temperature using an attached thermocouple type K. They are attached with cable ties directly on the production lines and only the cable tip from the thermocouple needs to be covered by concrete. You start the monitoring and can directly start pouring the concrete into the forms. Data is transferred wirelessly to the cloud in real-time and is easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or office computer. You can set up an alarm to get a notification when a certain maturity has been reached and the concrete element is ready to demould. By just cutting the cable, the sensor can be reused for the next element curing right away. Further, reports are created in the software for further analysis and documentation.

With this smart solution, you get insights into the concrete curing process. This enables better planning and improves the productivity of precast lanes which saves time and money.

We are currently working on the expansion towards in-situ casting and started a pilot kit program in November. In-Situ casting has some different challenges, as the concrete is poured directly on-site and not, as in the precast version, in a factory hall. This raises the various factors which affect the curing process of concrete, as for example weather and wind have a significant impact.

The final launch of Maturix in-situ is planned for Q1 2019.

The complete CPI journal edition (6/2018) is accessible online with our article on p. 194 – 196.

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